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Pete Best is an ex-Beatle. He still lives in Liverpool, and is married with two children. In 1965, he gave up show business for good. Peter had lost a bit of heart. He had a Beatles haircut and a leather jacket. His mother, Mrs. Best had also given up show business.

There were still British clubs in Hamburg, but Klaus was no longer there. He joined a British group, Manfred Mann. He was still friendly with the Beatles. Astrid was still in Hamburg, but she was no longer a photographer. She got fed up with the press. Her last job was in a bar in one of Hamburg's small night clubs.

Fred Lennon had no contact with John, from 1945, when John was five, until 1965. When he realized John was his son, he started appearing in interviews, but not for publicity. He had a twenty minute meeting with John, and tried to see him again after that. After that, he watched John's progress carefully.

Mimi lived alone near Bournemouth with her cat, Tim. She had no desire to leave her house in Liverpool, but John found hera new house. She moved in in October of 1965, after selling her house in Liverpool at a good price. Her new house was in John's name, and he payed the bills.

All of the Beatles parents' lives changed by their sons. Mimi still treated John as she always had done, she criticized the way he dressed, and the way he spent money. She said he was a bad speaker, never finishing sentences.

The happiest day in Jim McCartney's life, was in 1964, when Paul told him he could give up work. At the time he was sixty-two years old. Paul had found him a new house in the Wirral in Chesire. About a year later, Jim had found a new wife, Angela. She was a widow too, like him, with a daughter, Ruth. Michael, Paul's brother still lives at home. The second happiest day of Jim's life was in July of 1964, when it was the premiere of the Beatles' first film.

Paul has always been close to his brother , in age and in taste. Michael had always been asked for autographs since he was Paul's brother. He changed his name to Michael McGrear, and usually denied their relationship. He became Michael McGrear in 1962, when he joined the Scaffold group. He is a good singer.

The Harrisons lived outside Warrington. They lived in Liverpool in 1965, when Mr. Harrison stopped being a bus driver. The Harrisons live in appleton, actually, an industrial area. Mrs. Harrison was always nice to the fans, she answered fan mail most of the time. She doesn't go to church, though she was born Catholic. On George's twenty-first birthday, there were cards and scores of screaming fans outside the house. Mr. Harrison gave up working in 1965 after thirty-one years on the buses.

Ringo's real father, Ritchie Starkey, had seen little of Ringo, since he and Ringo's mother separated when their son was five years old. His father later moved away from Liverpool, and worked as a confectioner in a bakery. He also had a part-time job as a window cleaner. He remarried, but had no children. When people realized his connection with Ringo, he said he was his uncle. Ringo's mother Elise, and her husband, Harry, moved to Woolton in Liverpool. His parents were the last parents to move to a new house.

All of the Beatles' parents disliked the press. They never gave interviews. Harry gave up painting in 1965, at the age of fifty-one. They miss old friends, but go to see them occassionally. Ringo's mother still worries about her son's health.