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QUESTION: Paul, what do you expect to find here in Austrailia?

JOHN: Austrailians, I should think.

QUESTION: Do you have an acknowledged leader of the group?

JOHN: No, not really.

QUESTION: We heard that you stood on your head on the balcony outside, is that right?

PAUL: I don't know where you hear these rumors.

QUESTION: John, has the Mercey Beat changed much since you've been playing it?

JOHN: There's no such thing as Mercey Beat. The press made that up. It's all rock 'n' roll.

QUESTION: Do you play the same way now as you did?

JOHN: It's only rock 'n' roll. It just so happens that we did write most of it.

QUESTION: Did Budy Holly influence your music?

JOHN: He did in the early days. Obviously he was one of the greats.

PAUL: So did James Thurber, didn't he?

JOHN: Yeah, but he doesn't sing as well, does he?

QUESTION: Have you been practicing your Austrailian accents?

GEORGE: No, guvnor, not at all.

QUESTION: Do you think you will be writing songs with Austrailian themes?

JOHN: No, we never write anything with themes. We just write the same rubbish all the time.

QUESTION: Do you play the music you want to or the music you think people want to hear?

JOHN: Well, we've been playing this kind of music for five or six years, something like that. It's all just rock 'n' roll. It just happens that we write it.

QUESTION: What do you think made the difference that put you up above other groups?

GEORGE: We had a record contract.

QUESTION: What record do you all agree is generally your best recording?  Not the best seller, but rather the best musically.

JOHN: We always like the one we just made, don't we? So "Long Tall Sally."

GEORGE: I like "You Can't Do That," personally.

QUESTION: What about you Jimmy? How do you feel being in with the Beatles? A newcomer standing in for Ringo?

JIMMY NICHOL: It's a good experience, man.

QUESTION: How is Ringo?

JIMMY: He's much better. He joins us on Sunday.

QUESTION: What do you do then?

JIMMY: I go back to London., where they're fixing up a band for me. I'll do some television ...

JOHN: And he's away.

QUESTION: You're progressing very well with your Beatles haircut.

JIMMY: I've been growing it for about three months now.

QUESTION: How long does it take to get a magnificent mane like this?

JOHN: I can't remember being without it.

QUESTION: Do you ever go to the barber's, John?

JOHN: No, I haven't had my hair cut since the film. The woman on the film cut it. I don't trust anyone else.

QUESTION: This is the film, Beatlemania, is it?

JOHN: No, it's not called that. That's another one. A Hard Day's Night it's called.

QUESTION: Are you satisfied with the finished product?

JOHN: Well, it's as good as it can be with anybody that can't act.