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Beatlemania started on the British Isles in 1963. It covered the whole world. There was yelling and screaming for three years. Fans would shout uncontrollably, become emotionally or mentally excited, and even faint sometimes when it came to the Beatles. Every country had experienced this emotion. They called this Beatlemania.

It had stopped in 1967 because everyone got bored or exhausted from it. It wasn't just the teenagers, it was all ages, but the teenagers were the most hysterical over the Beatles.


Beatlemania started in 1963 in Britain, even though Brian wasn't prepared for it. He was prepared for success but not hysteria. By September of 1963, "Please, Please Me" had reached the top-selling LP record. They also had the top selling single, "She Loves You" and the top selling EP record, "Twist and Shout".

It wasn't until the night of October 13, 1963, that the Beatles made front-page news in every national newspaper, when they topped the bill at the London Palladium, which was televisioned. Fifteen million viewers watched that night. That day, fans surrounded the Palladium. Newpaper reporters arrived to get the story as the crowd arrived. The stage door was blocked by fans, and their screams made it impossible for the Beatles to rehearse.

The police was unable to control the crowd. The Beatles' getaway car was parked at the front door because people thought they would leave from the stage door. Austin Princess was the driver of the car. The next day, the front page of every newspaper had a long story and pictures of the Beatles because of the chaos they had made.

Tony Barrow, the press officer, had people chasing after him for months, and it was his job to pick the reporters who got to interview the Beatles. He was the information officer, there to answer questions, or not answer questions.

On Tour Once Again

The Beatles went back on tour. They were still doing tour to tour and also performing in ballrooms. They were in Liverpool, about to perform at the Southport ballroom, when they heard the news. They were to perform on the Royal Variety Show on November 4. Newspaper reports rushed to see their reactions. Before that, they had toured in Britain and Sweden.

One night on October 4, over six hundred teenagers waited the whole night in Carlisle, a small town, to buy tickets at the ABC Cinema, where the Beatles were appearing the next day.

The Beatles' Swedish tour lasted only five days, but it made the British and Swedish press and television. At a concert in Stockholm, police officers stood there with batons, guarding the stage, trying to control the fans. The fans broke through, got on stage and knocked George over. Swedish fans loved their style of dress, and their hairstyles. The Beatles realized how popular they were when they returned to London from Sweden.