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Elise and Harry, Ringo's parents, were barricaded in their own house, while fans were all over the place. Cynthia and Julian, John's wife and son, moved out of Mimi's and got a place of their own. She was trying to avoid the press as much as she could. The Beatles came back from America.

John's first book, In His Own Write, a title suggested by Paul, came out in March. It went to the top bestseller list, beating James Bond. On March 24, their sixth single, "Can't Buy Me Love," came out. John and Paul had written it in February on the way to Miami. It went straight to number one.

In March, the Beatles started shooting their first film. It wasn't called A Hard Day's Night until it was finished. Ringo had thought of the name. Paul had started going out with Jane Asher, the daughter of a doctor and a professor of music. On the first day of the film, George met Pattie Boyd, who was a model.

Pattie said when she met the boys, Ringo was the nicest and easiest to talk to, as well as Paul. She was scared of John, she got all their autographs except his. She could tell George liked her. He asked Patti out but she turned him down, because she had a boyfriend at the time. She broke up with the boyfriend a few days later, and her and George started dating.

Cynthia was worried about the press, threatening letters, and physical attacks. They moved into George's new house in Esher. In the summer of 1964, the Beatles' tours started again. They went to Europe, starting with Denmark. They went to Holland, then Hong Kong, then to Austrailia, and New Zealand.

The American tours had the most publicity associated with the Beatles. The biggest crowd turned out was the one in Adelaide in June of 1964. Back in London on June 6th, A Hard Day's night, had its premiere. The LP of the movie came out a month later. On August 19, 1964, the Beatles left for their first major American tour.

The United States

The tour, in August and September, covered 32 days. It was the longest tour they did. They visited 24 cities in the United States and Canada. They gave a total of 30 performances, plus one charity show. Norman Weiss, their American agent, spent six months organizing the tour. Derek Taylor, the Beatles' press officer, went to get autographs and pictures with the band.

The Beatles were asked to perform in Kansas City but Brian couldn't fit it in the schedule. One time they were trapped in their dressing room, guarded by police and bodyguards. They went to their hotel, until the title came out for their next movie. Neil and Mal served them, bringing them food, cigarettes, and drinks. Sometimes the band didn't let Neil or Mal leave either. They stayed in the hotel room playing cards, playing their guitars.

John, Paul and George were never affected by the publicity, but they thought they were good. They knew their music was good and were annoyed when people didn't take it seriously. But Ringo felt differently. He considered himself lucky because right after he joined them, things had started to happen. The boys liked to tour, especially sitting in their hotel room, hanging out and smoking pot.