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QUESTION: Although you haven't seen much of Dallas, how do you like it?

PAUL: Well, it's mighty fine, partner. Mighty fine.

QUESTION: Ringo, do you have any political affiliations?

RINGO: No, I don't even smoke.

QUESTION: What kind of girls do you prefer?

RINGO: My wife.

QUESTION: What kind of girl is she?

RINGO: A nice girl.

QUESTION: What kind of girl do you like, Paul?

PAUL: John's wife.

JOHN: Nobody likes a smart aleck.

QUESTION: DO you have any books coming out?

RINGO: John's the one with the books.

JOHN: I've got one coming out next year, but I haven't written it yet.

QUESTION: What's the name of it?

JOHN: I don't know i haven't written it yet.

QUESTION: What kind of books do you like to do?

JOHN: Ah ... rubbish.

RINGO: I'm writing a detective novel.

JOHN: Yeah, he's writing a detective book.

QUESTION: Last night, you had a lot of trouble getting into the Cabana. Did any of you get hurt at all?

GEORGE: I got punched in the face a few times. But, I mean, that's part of life, isn't it?

QUESTION: One of the reviews of your book [In His Own Write] says that you're being an anarchist. WOuld you say you are?

JOHN: I don't even know what it means.

QUESTION: Comparing the receptions you've received all over the United States and taking into consideration the time of night, how was the reception here in Dallas?

PAUL: It was hectic but nice.

QUESTION: Do you like your cowboy hats?

JOHN: Hey, sure do!

QUESTION: Ringo, in California the girls ate some grass you walked on. How do you feel about that?

RINGO: I just hope they don't get indigestion.

QUESTION: What is your opinion of Mods and Rockers?

JOHN: They should be locked up.

QUESTION: How does it feel to make over a thousand dollars a minute?

GEORGE: It's one of the very best feelings in life.

QUESTION: What do you think of American girls?

RINGO: Well, there's sure lots of them.

QUESTION: Which one of you is most anxious to go home?

JOHN: Probably me, I'm married.

QUESTION: Is there ever any jealousy between you during the act happening on stage?

RINGO: No, not yet.

QUESTION: How do you like Texas?

JOHN: Swell.

QUESTION: Have you ridden a horse yet?

PAUL: No, but we plan to. Don't worry.

QUESTION: George, are you trying to make your black curl a youth symbol like Ringo's rings or Paul's eyes?

GEORGE: Yeah, that's why I'm wearing one now.

QUESTION: WHen do you have time to write your songs?

JOHN: We write them in hotel rooms after the show sometimes.

QUESTION: Have you ever had fish-and-chips since you've been in the States?

PAUL: No, not even a cup of tea.

QUESTION: How long are y'all gonna to sing for us tonight?

JOHN: We do about thirty minutes, cousin.

QUESTION: Are you disappointed in your American tour because you've been forced to spend so much time in seclusion because of your fans?

GEORGE: We expect any tour we do to be secluded and not having much of a chance to see the cities and things ...

JOHN: Because we're here to work.