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JOHN: All right, you rumormongers, let's get going!

QUESTION: We've heard a lot of rumors about you.

JOHN: So have I.

QUESTION: Can we get some truth about your visit here in Denmark?

JOHN: Well, I've just heard a new one in the Daily Express that I've bought seventy acres of land here. Every paper seems to think I'm going to buy seventy acres of land. I've been to Greece recently and they thought I was going to buy land there and Canada, whatever. I've got no other land except some in England and Ireland. We came to see Kyoko. And Tony and Melinda, of course, but Kyoko was the access point and we've had seven nice days of peace.

QUESTION: What kind of man are you really?

JOHN: I'm a nervous guy, you know.

QUESTION: Do you and Yoko believe in peace in our time?

JOHN: Yeah. The thing is we have this poster that says War Is Over If You Want It. We all sit around pointing fingers at Nixon and the leaders of the countries saying, "He gave us peace" or "They gave us war." But it's our responsibility what happens around the world in every other country as well as our own. It's our responsibility for Vietnam and Biafra and the Israel war and all the other wars we don't quite hear about. It's all our responsibility and when we all want peace we'll get it. I support humanity, I don't belong to any left wing, right wing, middle wing, Black Panthers, white Christians, Protestants, Catholics, or nothing People have said we're naive for trying to sell peace like a bar of soap. But I want to ask you, is Mr. Ford naive? Or is the soap powder factory naive? They're selling the same old soap that's been around for two thousand years, but suddenly it's new blue soap. So we're selling new blue peace and we hope some of you buy it. The war is here now and there's two ways of looking at it. Some people say, "Why did you spend your money on posters or peace campaigns? Why didn'y you give it to the Biafran children, or something like that?" And we say, "We're trying to prevent cancer, not cure it."

QUESTION: Did you spend all your money?

JOHN: No. The people around us made more money than the Beatles ever did, I'll tell you that. None of the Beatles are millionaires. But there's a lot of millionaires who became millionaires around the Beatles, however. You know the story.

QUESTION: Where are you going from here?

JOHN: I don't know. we play everything by ear. We try not to make plans. I don't really like knowing what I'm going to do for the next eight months and we'll just stay until it's time to go back and work.

QUESTION: Are you feeling comfortable out here?

JOHN: Oh, it's beautiful. All the snow. We go walking in the garden and all that. It's beautiful, all the colors in the sky and the mist. It's just a fantastic place with good vibes, as they say in this generation. Very good vibes around and just the people we've met. We've met very few, but they're straight. They're not as paranoid as in the big cities or other countries. People are less paranoid in Denmark.