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George's Childhood

George Harrison was born on February 25, 1943, in Wavertree Liverpool. He was the youngest Beatle, and the youngest of the four children of Harold and Louise Harrison.

His Parents

Harold Harrison left school at the age of fourteen and worked for a firm which made mangels. He had wanted to join the Navy, but his mother wouldn't allow it. His father, George's grandfather, had been killed during the First World War. However, Harold's mother let him join the merchant navy. He was at sea from 1926 to 1936 as a steward with the White Star Line.

He met his wife, George's mother in 1929. Him and Louise started dating, but Harold went back to sea. He would send Louise letters. They were married on May 20, 1930, at a register office. She was Catholic but he wasn't. Harold and Louise moved to to Watertree, after they got married and they lived there for eighteen years.

Harold went back to sea once again and Louise started working as an assistant in a greengrocer's, a job she kept until the birth of their first child, Louise, in 1931. Their second child, Harold, was born in 1934. Shortly after their second child was born, Harold Sr. went back to the merchant navy. He was fed up but at the same time, he wanted to spend more time with his children. Harold always sent his wife money while he was away.

In 1937, Harold Sr. managed to get a job as a bus conductor and in 1938, he became a bus driver. In 1940, Peter was born and in 1943 along came George, the fourth child and third son.

George's Education

George was very independent. He always wanted to do things by himself without any help. Harold and Louise had trouble getting George into primary school, because all of the schools were full. They sent him to Doverdale Primary, the same school John was attending. John and George never met because John was two years older than George and three classes ahead of him. George was six when they moved from Watertree to a council house in Speke. He started at the Liverpool Institute in 1954.

George was sad that he had to leave Doverdale. The first few weeks at his new school he tried to do his schoolwork and fit in, but he gave up on it. Unlike John, who fought and caused trouble, George was rebellious by the way he dressed. He had long hair, which annoyed the teachers. He didn't care for any kind of authority, he wanted to be an individual.

The next three years, George was constantly getting into trouble. By his fourth year, he had calmed down and got into less trouble. At the time, his brother Harold had finished school; his sister, Louise, was at a training college; and Peter, his other brother, was about to start a job.

Harold Sr. was really happy that George had finally decided to stay in school. His mother, wanted all of her children to be happy. She didn't care what their interests were, as long as they were happy.