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John Quotes


Cynthia said John had changed. He was much nicer, quiter, and more tolerant. He didn't communicate with other people though. He felt there was no need for communication and that it was a waste of time. He also felt that talking was the slowest way to communicate, and that music was much better.

Over the years of his success, John became less aggressive. His friends, Ivan and Pete, noticed it as well as Cynthia. Growing up, John always had to be the leader all the time, but over time, he spent less time trying to prove something.

The one thing John hated about being an idol was the social events. He felt he couldn't be himself. The boys used to dress in disguises, to get around. John and George would dress in long coats and beards, thinking no one would recognize them. Even after it was all over, the boys had a hard time not being recognized.

Towards the end of 1967 and early 1968, the Beatles did try to get into the real world again. John didn't like going out and making contact. Over the years, the Beatles didn't make friends in the pop-music world. There was only each other, Neil, Mal, and Terry.

Julian, John and Cynthia's son was born April 8,1963. Over the years, John and Cynthia discussed the schooling they wanted for thir son. John thought of sending him to an English school in Athens, but they didn't want him in a boarding school. John preferred a council school, which a free school run by the government. They thought of a tutor, but they wanted Julian to get involved with other children.

The two were happy with having their son.