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QUESTION: Did you ever date a fan?

JOHN: Yes, I have done, honestly. What more can I say?

QUESTION: Do you fellas hear what you're playing when the screams get going and how do you keep together?

GEORGE: We've heard it all before.

JOHN: It sounds louder to people who haven't been to the shows. We're immune.

QUESTION: You have inspired Beatles hairdos. Do you appreciate seeing these styles on other people?

RINGO: It's quite good. We always change them when we see someone else with them.

QUESTION: Do you plan to change your hairstyle any time soon?

RINGO: Not our hair, just our clothes.

QUESTION: Are you concerned about a poll in Britain which indicates that a group called the Rolling Stones ...

RINGO: There's too many polls. They just won one of them ...

GEORGE: They won that one last year as well.

JOHN: That's their poll. It doesn't make any difference.

RINGO: We don't read the papers.

QUESTION: With the recent antismoking campaign, are you trying to give up smoking?

JOHN: No. I never even thought of it. When you got to go, you got to go.

QUESTION: Have you written any new songs lately?

PAUL: John and I have written two since we've been here.

QUESTION: On the plane?

PAUL: In Atlantic City, actually.

QUESTION: What's the most annoying thing about this whole thing?

RINGO: Not being able to see the fans at the airport.

PAUL: Too much security.

RINGO: The plane goes to the far end of the field and we just get put in a car. Away we go, without seeing anyone.

JOHN: Away we go.

RINGO: They blame us. You see, it's not us, it's them.

QUESTION: George, what caused you to throw a Scotch-and-Coke at a reporter in Los Angeles?

GEORGE: He was a very nasty young man.

JOHN: Old man.

GEORGE: He'd been told to leave anyway, you see. He insisted on jumping around trying to take pictures and we couldn't see with somebody flashing us in front. So I thought I'd baptize him.

QUESTION: What do you plan to do after the breakup of the Beatles?

PAUL: No one's made any plans, but John and I will probably carry on songwriting and George will go into basketball.

GEORGE: Or roller skating. I haven't really decided yet.

QUESTION: Ringo, would you like to show us your gray hair?

RINGO: No. I don't want to be messing it all up as we're on television.

QUESTION: What do you do about the barber?

JOHN: We never go to one.

GEORGE: We don;t do anything about them when we're not on tour.

QUESTION: What care does your hair get?

PAUL: Just a bit of combing and washing.

RINGO: Nothing special.

GEORGE: We never put any hair oil on it because it makes it go funny, you see.

QUESTION: It was rumored a couple of days ago that you tried to get reservations at a hotel in Springfield and were turned down repeatedly.

JOHN: We don't make them anyway and the ones that have turned us down, well, that;s their privilege.

QUESTION: What is the one question you would like to be asked at a press conference?

PAUL: I think everything's been asked.

QUESTION: George, what ever became of your car wreck in London?

GEORGE: I only just tapped some fella and knocked the headlamp in. But the further away you are, the worse the damage appears. Over here, I mean, the car was a write-off, but actually it wasn't.

QUESTION: Do you have to pay for anything?

GEORGE: No. The other fella's insurance paid because it was his fault. I'm a good driver.

QUESTION: Are you considering making America your home?

PAUL: We like the place, but not to live here.

QUESTION: Is there any particular city you enjoyed visiting?

JOHN: New York.

PAUL: New York.

GEORGE: Hollywood.

RINGO: Hollywood.

QUESTION: Do you have any favorite entertainers?

JOHN: American Soul.

PAUL: And Sophie Tucker.

QUESTION: We heard you play cards between performances. What kind do you like?

RINGO: Poker and crazy eights.

QUESTION: I'd like to ask Paul how his feud with Walter Winchell is doing?

PAUL: It's not a feud, he's just soft. I give up talking to him.

QUESTION: How much hysteria do you feel is real and how much is pretended by little girls that adore you?

JOHN: Doesn't matter.

PAUL: There's a lot of it in the papers that's not real. There's also a lot, I think, that is.

QUESTION: John, how does your wife feel about girls screaming and running after you?

JOHN: She knows they never catch me.

QUESTION: Ringo, I heard you were having trouble with your throat. Is it all right now?

RINGO: Yes. It's fine. I haven't had any trouble for the last two months.

QUESTION: Have you ever measured your hair to see who's got the longest?


GEORGE: I think mine is anyway, because it grows faster than the others'.

JOHN: I'm usually a close second.

QUESTION: Ringo, are you going to have your tonsils taken out and have you had that offer yet from a girl to send her the tonsils?

RINGO: We got the telegram, but I dont think I'm going to give them to her.

JOHN: We're going to auction them off.

PAUL: That's discusting.

QUESTION: We'd like to know if there's any truth to the rumor, John, that you might leave the group?

JOHN: No. I don't know where it started, it just appeared somewhere.

RINGO: We can hardly get rid of him anyway.

QUESTION: Did you make any new records while you were in Hollywood?

PAUL: We did do an album for a souvenir, but it's not for general release. It was so terrible, that's why.

QUESTION: How do you feel about reports that say you are conceited?

PAUL: They're true.

QUESTION: Is there anything you wanted to do in Kansas City that you didn't get a chance to, anyone in particular you wanted to see? Mrs. Truman?

JOHN: Not particularly, no.

QUESTION: Have you bought any new clothes in the United States?

JOHN: A guy on the radio yesterday described this as a typical Liverpool outfit. I got it in Key West.

QUESTION: Do you ever wear a tie?

JOHN: Me? Yeah, when I find it.

GEORGE: I've got one of his suits.

QUESTION: Which do you like more, the fans or the money?

JOHN: We'll still have the money and we'll miss the fans, they'll be the ones who'll have gone. The money will still be there, thankfully.

QUESTION: I can't find out who the opening acts are with you.

PAUL: The Exciters, Clarence Frogman Henry, The Bill Black Combo, and Jackie DeShannon.

QUESTION: Another English group is going to play Kansas City. The Dave Clark Five. Are you going to play with them?

RINGO: We know them.

QUESTION: How did they come out in the poll?

RINGO: The Melody Maker, you're talking about?

PAUL: They didn't win.

JOHN: It varies. Each little paper has its own readership, so the votes go one way or another every year.

QUESTION: Ringo, what do you do when you're confined to your hotel room?

RINGO: We just sit around, watch telly, radio ...

JOHN: Watch the radio!

RINGO: ... or play cards. Anything at all. We even talk to each other.

QUESTION: How much are the American tax authorities earning off you?

BEATLES: Nothing!

QUESTION: How about the British government?

JOHN: They're getting a lot.

RINGO: We'll end up with about $10 when they are through.

QUESTION: Is it true you are all writing books and if so, what's the subject matter?

PAUL: No, John's the only one who writes.

RINGO: We haven't learned how yet.

QUESTION: Since your return to America this time have you been asked to appear on Ed Sullivan's program?

DEREK: Yes, they were, but it hasn't been fitted in yet.

QUESTION: You were saying earlier that the two of you might continue on and the rest of you break up the act. Is there a date you are going to break up?

PAUL: If it's got to happen, John and I will probably carry on songwriting. We didn't mean singing.

QUESTION: How long do you think it will be before it does happen?

PAUL: No idea, really. It could happen tomorrow after the Kansas show.

QUESTION: When you were in Florida, did you talk with Cassius Clay?

JOHN: We only met him once with the kind of publicity stunt that he's best at.

PAUL: It was organized by the newspapers down there. They asked us. He's a good fella, isn't he? Big!

QUESTION: Do you like baseball?

JOHN: Not particularly, no.

GEORGE: Great game.

RINGO: Nice holiday, throw the ball, have a cigarette, throw the ball, ten minutes later throw another ball.

QUESTION: Are you going to do another picture?

GEORGE: Next February, but nothing else has been decided.

QUESTION: No date, no title?

GEORGE: No date, no title, no script, no other people to act in it.

JOHN: No nothing, just us.

QUESTION: Would you care to give us your views - I don't mean to be smart like this - on religion and politics?

JOHN: We're not interested in either.

QUESTION: Is it being planned to do a whole movie of your whole life, school, the Cavern Club ...

JOHN: They couldn't put that king of thing on the screen. Not yet, anyway.

QUESTION: One of you said you didn't like politics - it was like beer, you didn't like the taste.  And in Chicago you made the comment that if you were for anyone in the election, you'd be for LBJ.

JOHN: We said Eisenhower, actually.

QUESTION: What about in your own country? You're going back to a general campaign.

RINGO: We're not going to vote over there.

PAUL: None of us do.

JOHN: If we can find out what ones takes the least tax, I'll vote for them.

QUESTION: In New Orleans you met Fats Domino. Can you tell us how that came about?

JOHN: Frogman Henry said he'd try and arrange for us to meet him, we've always liked him. He brought him round with a friend, stayed about an hour, and had some shots taken for his kids.

JOHN: He's marvelous, we sang a song with him.

QUESTION: Paul, you lost your driver's license. How did you do it?

PAUL: I lost it a year ago. I just got it back actually. For speeding three times. If they catch you three times, you lose it. Got caught!

RINGO: He wasn't fast enough!

QUESTION: Why did you want to go to New Orleans?

JOHN: Well, it's the clubs and that, the sounds, man.

QUESTION: Ringo, what do you think of Jayne Mansfield?

RINGO: She's a drag.

PAUL: Ringo!

GEORGE: I second him.

DEREK: It's the word D - R - A - G and it means, simply, a bore.

JOHN: It's American.

QUESTION: What about Mamie Van Doren?

GEORGE: We never met her. Her publicist wasn't as good as Jayne Mansfield's.

QUESTION: What is your reaction to girls who come up to your  hotel and tear up the sheets and anything you've discarded, like  cigarette butts?

JOHN: If they do it after leave, it's all right.

RINGO: Not if they're ripping them while we're asleep.

QUESTION: With all these girls chasing you all over the world, who's the most exciting woman you've ever met?

JOHN: Ringo's mother was pretty hot. I'm only joking.

QUESTION: Do you smoke American cigarettes and if so, what kind?

GEORGE: Yeah, we like American ciggies and we smoke filters, but we're not advertising anybody's cigarettes unless they give us a few million free.

QUESTION: Do you do anything for free?

JOHN: Yeah, charity shows.

QUESTION: George, I heard that in the Lafayette Hotel a girl climbed eight stories up the side of the building and jumped in the window, grabbed you in your night clothes, and was then arrested.

GEORGE: No. It's untrue. I heard a noise in the next room and it was the policemen chasing her around. She jumped on Ringo, actually.

RINGO: The bird was running round the room and I was chasing her!

QUESTION: How many of your records have been sold?

JOHN: We were told eighty-three ...

RINGO: Eighty-five.

JOHN: Eighty-five, sorry.

QUESTION: Million?

JOHN: Yes.