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John arrived back in Liverpool in the middle of the night. John stayed at Mimi's for two weeks. George, didn't know for awhile that the others had returned home. Paul hung around at home, and his father was on his case for leaving school in the first place and Jim wanted Paul to get a job. He did get a job making deliveries.

The group was still not together. They had come back from Hamburg in December of 1960. Their first date was at the Casbah. Pete's mother's club. Neil Aspinall was a friend of Pete's though he didn't go to school with him. He also knew George.

Derry and the Seniors had come back from Hamburg first. They played at the Casbah one night. The other Beatles were nowhere to be found. Pete didn't even know John was back, and no one knew what happened to Stuart. Their first show after they returned from Hamburg, was at the Casbah. Neil thought they had improved a lot since the last time he heard them play.


They played at Litherland, and the kids loved them. They all thought the Beatles were German, so at first they didn't like them. It was that night, the band started to realize how good they were. They had changed. The Beatles played loud and wild and they looked disorganized, unlike the common bands at that time. Hamburg had made them like that, that's what made them develop. They played a new sound.

Bob Wooller, who had set up the Litherland show, went to the press, with the story of how the Beatles had hit Liverpool after the Liverland Town Hall. After that night, the band did other shows. At these shows, sometimes things would get out of hand. The Beatles were competing with Rory's band, who at the time was more popular.

Stuart was back from Hamburg and playing with the Beatles. The boys continued to pick on him and Pete, but not as bad as they did when they were in Hamburg. Paul and George fought a lot. John was older than them, and still the leader.


Thanks to Bob Wooller, their next big show was at the Cavern Club. They had outgrown the Casbah, they were playing too good for it. The Cavern was the main jazz club in the center of Liverpool. Ray McFall, an ex-accountant, was the owner in 1959. From December 1960, when the Beatles returned from Hamburg, they played at the Cavern Club often. The band loved playing there.

John would shout things out to the audience. George never smiled or talked, he looked serious all of the time. His mother, used to watch them all the time. One night, Mimi stormed in there, yelling at John. She didn't approve of him playing, while Mrs. Harrison loved to watch them and Paul's father was starting to deal with it.