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QUESTION: Well, gentlemen, first of all, many congratulations on receiving your MBE. The whole country seems very delighted indeed. How do you feel about it, Paul?

PAUL: Delighted, indeed. I'm delighted everyone's delighted. I love it.

QUESTION: Is it fun for you?

PAUL: Yeah. Of course, it would be fun for you too, wouldn't it? My uncle woke up one morning and said, "Mmm Bbb Eee." You know, it's great.

QUESTION: Ringo, how did you first hear about it?

RINGO: Um, well, we heard about it six weeks ago. We got the forms to fill in and then we knew we were going to get it two days ago.

QUESTION: How did these forms come? Straight through the post, or what?

RINGO: Just in brown envelopes delivered by hand, I think, to one of Brian's secretaries.

GEORGE: I'll tell him. They were sent from the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street to our manager's office; and they were delivered from there to Twickenham, where we were filming.

JOHN: Help!

GEORGE: A day later, when we found them we thought we were being called up for the army and then we openedthem and found out we weren't.

QUESTION: Why is the MBE awarded?

PAUL: I don't know. In fact, I know nothing about it, just that we've got it and it's very nice to have. I don't think about it. Maybe people may think of it. But it doesn't make me any more respectable. I'm still a scruff.

QUESTION: I was wondering about that, Ringo. How do you feel about going to the palace in your morning suit and all that?

RINGO: I don't mind. It'll be alright., when I buy one.

QUESTION: You haven't got one, then?

RINGO: No, not yet. I've got an evening suit. If that will do.

QUESTION: Oh, I don't think it will.