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LONDON, 1965

QUESTION: What was your reaction when you heard the news about your MBE's?

RINGO: There's a proper medal as well as the letters, isn't there? I will keep it to wear when I'm old. It's the sort of thing you want to keep.

JOHN: I thought you had to drive tanks and win wars to get the MBE.

GEORGE: I didn't think you got this sort of thing for playing rock 'n' roll.

PAUL: I think it's marvelous. What does this make me dad?

QUESTION: What do you say about Hector Dupuis turning in his medal?

GEORGE: If Dupuis doesn't want the medal, he had better give it to us. Then we can give it to our manager Brian Epstein. MBE really stands for "Mr. Brian Epstein."

QUESTION: Why do you think you got the medal?

JOHN: I reckon we got it for exports, and the citation should have said so. Look, if someone had an award for exporting millions of dollars' worth of fertilizer or machine tools, everybody would have applauded. So why should they knock us?