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The Quarrymen changed their name in 1959, since Paul and George were at the Institute and John was now at the Art College. The group wasn't really getting anywhere since George joined, but his guitar playing was getting better.

They still had no drummer and too many guitarists. George's mother was mad about the group her son hung out with, while Mr. Harrison was worried. He didn't like the way George dressed or his long hair. George's father also thought the band was getting nowhere. He wanted George to stay in school but George didn't want that, so he just left. In the summer of 1959, he got a job at the age of sixteen. George liked working so much better than school.

At the McCartney's, Paul's father was struggling to bring his two boys up properly. Paul was still in school, even though spending all of his time with John and George took time away from his schoolwork. He managed to pass Art, but he started thinking about dropping out. He was confused about what he wanted to do, so he decided to stay in school, since it gave him time to play the guitar. Jim McCartney disliked the music Paul was into, but when he heard his son's band play, he realized they were pretty good.

The Band

The group was getting better, they had even gotten some amplifiers. They played at church functions, parties, and clubs, and places like Wilson Hall and the Finch Bus Depot. The band also entered some competitions.

The members of the group were always changing. The first year, John and Paul wrote a lot of songs together. "Love Me Do" was one of them. They went to one local audition in Liverpool, at the Empire Theatre, that was on TV. They were accepted to do the show. That was when they changed their name to The Moondogs.

The Moondogs got their name just for the show. Since John was the leader, they were called Johnny and the Moondogs. They had no transportation back to Liverpool, and the show ran late. They were about to miss the last train home. The band had little money and couldn't afford to stay at a motel. The Moondogs didn't win the contest, but as soon as the show was over, they left. For John, George, and Paul, this experience was a disappointment.