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QUESTION: John, is the reaction to the group the same here as in England?

JOHN: I find it's very similar, only over here they go wilder quicker, you know.

QUESTION: Will you sing a song for us?

JOHN: No. Sorry, we need money first.

QUESTION: How much money do you expect to make here?

JOHN: About half a crown. Depends on the tax. How much have you got?

QUESTION: Some of your detractors allege that you are bald and those haircuts are wigs.  Is that true?

JOHN: Oh, we're all bald.  Yeah. And deaf and dumb too.

QUESTION: What is the Beatle sound?

JOHN: Well, as far as we are concerned, there's no such thing as a Liverpool or a Beatles sound. It's just a name that people tag on.

QUESTION: One of your hits is "Roll Over Beethoven." What do you think of Betthoven as a composer?

RINGO: He's great. Especially his poems.

QUESTION: Are these your real names?

PAUL: Yeah, except Ringo. His name's Richard Starkey. He's called Ringo because of his rings, you know. And Starr, he didn't like Starkey.

QUESTION: Do all the Beatles write songs?

JOHN: Paul and I do most of the writing. George has written a few. Ringo hasn't because it's hard to write something on the drums, isn't it?


QUESTION: How do you account for your fantastic success?

PAUL: Wish we knew.

JOHN: Good press agent.

QUESTION: Why do millions of Beatles fans buy millions of Beatles records?

JOHN: If we knew, we'd form another group and become their managers.

QUESTION: What do you think of American girls compared to British girls?

PAUL: The accents are different, of course. In films American women always seem bossing the men, being superior in big business and things. But from what I've seen, they're not. They're similiar to the British women, just ordinary people, very nice.

QUESTION: Where did the name "Beatle" come from?

GEORGE: We were racking our brains and John came up with the name Beatle. It was good because it was the insect and it was also a pun, you know, "beat" on the beat. We liked the name and we kept it.

QUESTION: Have you been influenced by any one American artist?

GEORGE: In the early days, it was Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Buddy Holly. But there's no one we tried to copy.

QUESTION: Why do you wear your hair in such an unusual style?

GEORGE: Well, I went to the swimming baths and when I came out my hair dried and it was just all forward like a mop. I left it like that. When Ringo joined the group we got him to get his hair like this because by then people were calling it the Beatle cut.

QUESTION: Do you comtemplate becoming permanent residents of the US?

GEORGE: I love the States, but if we came to live over here everybody would go mad. It's like Elvis, if he went to, say, Austrailia and then suddenly decided to live there. What would all the American people think?

QUESTION: Paul, what are your ambitions?

PAUL: We used to have lots of ambitions. Like number one records; Sunday Night at the Pallidium; The Ed Sullivan Show; to go to America. A thousand ambitions like that. I can't really think of anymore. We've lived an awful lot of them.

QUESTION: Paul, what is your aim in life?

PAUL: To have a laugh, you know, to be happy.

QUESTION: John, is it a fad?

JOHN: Obviously. Anything in thios business is a fad. We don't think we're going to last forever. We're just going to have a good time while it lasts.