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REPORTER: Here they are in the bar sitting behind me, the Beatles!

JOHN: Yeah ...

QUESTION: First of all introduce yourself.

JOHN: George Harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Jimmy Nichol.

QUESTION: You want to get married?

PAUL: No good ... no good, marriage.

JOHN: Good!

PAUL: I don't know yet, maybe when I get some more money.

QUESTION: You got money?

JOHN: You got more!

QUESTION: What do you think of the Dutch girls?

PAUL: Great, yeah.

QUESTION: They're good, why?

PAUL: Well, all girls are good actually.

QUESTION: What makes a girl good?

PAUL: I don't know, do you?

JOHN: I know, I'm just helping him.

QUESTION: You're on Jimmy. Do you find it difficult to take over the role of Ringo?

JIMMY NICHOL: No, not really, no. Because Ringo I can never replace. I can never make up for what Ringo is, you know.

QUESTION: How long will you be doing this?

JIMMY: Until next Thursday.

QUESTION: How is Ringo, by the way.

GEORGE: He's ill!

QUESTION: Do you consider the records you made with Tony Sheridan in the Star Club in Hamburg real Beatles records?

GEORGE: No, no, because on most of it Tony Sheridan sings and it's two years ago, you know. Anyway it's not a very good record.

QUESTION: Do you play any other instrument besides the guitar and drums?

JOHN: I play mouth organ and a little piano.

PAUL: I play a little piano, about that big, a very little piano. I think we all play a little bit on other instruments.

QUESTION: Who mends your stockings when you're on your travels?

GEORGE: Stockings? Socks! Nobody, we just have them washed.

QUESTION: Do you think all the hysterics are necessary for your act?

PAUL: No, not necessary. But it helps give a good atmosphere, we don't mind. It's nice when there's a lot of noise going on. It's like a football match with a lot of noise going on. It produces a good feeling.

JOHN: Goal! Goal!

QUESTION: But why is it always the girls?

JOHN: If it was all just boys, it would be a bit funny, wouldn't it?

QUESTION: I want to ask you whether you will go ahead with any musical change in direction?

PAUL: You never know. People always say we've changed, but we can't notice. So we probably will change our records. We wouldn't do anything drastic, like sing with a big band or anything, you know, because we don't enjoy that kind of music.

QUESTION: You do this kind of music because you enjoy it?

PAUL: We love it, you know, that's the main reason. If we didn't, we'd give it up tomorrow.