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"A plague has swept the land, but we have been left whole" was the way one writer reviewed the first invasion of the Beatles, England's mop haired rock 'n' roll sensation. Like most, the writer felt the idols were a fad amoung teenagers which would pass as quickly as it arrived. How wrong he was!

The Beatles returned in August, stronger than ever. Motel owners found their doors denuded of knobs because adolescent girls believed "the Beatles had touched them." An attendant found himself driving an ambulance through seething streets and hidden in the back were the Beatles. "If those kids had caught them, they'd really have needed an ambulance," he said. Some fans did require medical aid, one burst blood vessels in the neck, she screamed so hard; another fell and was used as a vantage point by spike-heeled fellow fans.

Some people profited, such as the entrepreneur eho bought sheets from the Beatles' hotel beds, and sold them at $1 per square inch!

How did the Beatles take to America? "Can't say," Ringo admitted. "Didn't see much. Luv-ed the money, though." He was referring to the $2,112,000 the Beatles took home with them.

-Associated Press