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Paul is the only London Beatle. His house is guarded by a high brick wall and double black gates. All of the Beatle fans hang out outside. He has a dog named Martha, an old English sheepdog. When he walks her in the park, he has his jacket collar up.

Paul's first girlfriend was Jane. They made a nice couple. Jim, Paul's father was happy about their marriage. Jane came from a middle class family, her father was a doctor, and her mother was a professor of music.

Paul had become vegetarian, like John and George. Out of all of the Beatles, Paul went to Liverpool the most. John didn't go at all, since Mimi no longer lived there. Michael McCartney, Paul's brother, visits with his brother often.

Paul's niceness comes from his father. His brother, Michael, also has it. Paul is the hardest of the Beatles to get to know. He is self-conscious.

Paul's way of making an effort is being hard-working and polite. It is true to say that Paul is the leader today, not John. Paul was the businessman, the pusher, and he always gets things done. Once the boys made a decision, it was Paul who started taking action.

The whole Apple idea was Paul's. It started before Brian died, but it was Paul who created it.

The Magical Mystery Tour would've never happened without Paul. He directed every stage. Paul and Jane's relationship didn't last because Paul had something with the Beatles that she couldn't come to terms with.

Paul is very communicative about himself. Jane left him for Bristol to act. They got engaged on Christmas Day 1967, and they put their problems in the past.