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Ringo Starr

Ringo lived around the corner from John. There are various golden disks everywhere around his house. He owns some film equipment, and he has made some excellent movies with it. He also does a bit of painting, but not too much.

Zak, their first son, was born in September 1965, and Jason in August 1967. They had a live-in nanny growing up. His wife Maureen is a Beatles fan. Ringo is amused when people try to see the hidden meanings in the Beatles' records, especially in America.

Playing billiards is Ringo's excercise. He at last passed his driving test, after failing three times and driving without a license for two years. He doesn't carry cash around with him. He never gives money to charities. The other Beatles always thought of Ringo as the sentimental one.

Ringo and Maureen gave up London a long time ago, and they hardly ever go out at night. Maureen prefers a quiet life. The two are very happy. She takes a great interest in his fan mail.

>Ringo was the last one to join the Beatles. He tended to be the withdrawn one of the four. But he isn't withdrawn, he is friendly, and the sweetest of the boys. Ringo has a stronger personality than it appears.