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QUESTION: Are you people disappointed with the reception you got in Seattle compared to the other cities in the United States?

PAUL: No, very nice.

QUESTION: How do you enjoy being mobbed?

JOHN: It's okay if you got the police.

PAUL: We've never actually been mobbed. In New Zealand, though, they got us.

QUESTION: Your film [ A Hard Day;s Night ] received very good reviews right across the country. Are you pleased?

PAUL: Yes, of course. What could we say to that - no?

QUESTION: Somebody said you're like the Marx Brothers. Can you follow that in the film?

PAUL: I'd say Ringo is like Groucho.

QUESTION: Do you wish you'd made your success more on how you look?

JOHN: We did originally. I mean, when you make a record it first gets heard on the radio before they see you.

QUESTION: Do you wish they'd be quiet and let you sing sometimes?

JOHN: Why? They've got the records.

PAUL: They paid to come in and if they want to scream, well, they paid.

GEORGE: And it's part of the atmosphere now.

QUESTION: It was said in Las Vegas and Frisco that your performance couldn't be heard because of the noise. Do you consider it might hurt your future concerts?

JOHN: It's been going on for years.

QUESTION: How many more years do you think it will go on?

PAUL: Don't know.

JOHN: We're not there yet.

QUESTION: Have you any idea, three, four? What do you think?

GEORGE: Till death do us part!

QUESTION: Do you ever get tired of all this and just want to go someplace and relax?

PAUL: When you see us we're on tour, but we're not always on tour.

QUESTION: Ringo, how are you feeling?

RINGO: Fine, thank you.

PAUL: Originally, dangerously ill.

QUESTION: Haven't had any more throat trouble?

RINGO: No, not yet.

QUESTION: There was a report, Ringo, that you were married.  Are you?


QUESTION: Any plans?

RINGO: Nope.

QUESTION: John, how does your wife like all these girls making all this fuss over you?

JOHN: She doesn't see them.

QUESTION: Ringo, why do you get the most fan mail?


QUESTION: You do in Seattle.

RINGO: I don't know. Perhaps it's because most people write me.

QUESTION: John, somebody said you borrowed your bathtub scene in the film from Cleopatra. Is it true?

JOHN: I haven't seen Cleopatra.

RINGO: She used milk though, didn't she?

QUESTION: Paul, what are your plans once your notoriety as a Beatle diminishes?

PAUL: We never make any plans as a group. None of us has ever bothered planning. We'll just wait and see what happens.

QUESTION: What would you like to do after you're done singing?

PAUL: I don't know. Probably John and I will carry on songwriting.

JOHN: I'm not doing it with you.

PAUL: Aren't you? Are the Beatles breaking up? I don't know.

QUESTION: Ringo, what do you plan to do?

RINGO: I haven't thought of it yet.

QUESTION: How far booked ahead are you, gentlemen?

GEORGE: A few months, I think.

QUESTION: Another American swing in mind?

JOHN: We've got nothing to do with it. We just say, where are we?

QUESTION: Is there one particular artist or type of music that you fellas follow more closely?

JOHN: Just rock 'n' roll, really.

QUESTION: Who are the previous groups you most like?

PAUL: Buddy Holly had a good group.

QUESTION: Did you ever meet him?


QUESTION: I understand you took a junket on the way up. Did you take a look at Boulder Dam?

PAUL: So that's what it was.

GEORGE: I heard about that in school.

QUESTION: Of all your imitators, which one do you have the most respect for, or give the biggest chance of making it?

JOHN: None of the imitators have really done anything at all.

PAUL: There's two groups, but they're not imitating, really. They're just people who've got longer hair in England now. They're not imitating us, they had long hair before us. Especially in prehistoric days.

QUESTION: Who would be the biggest American stars in Great Britain now?

JOHN: Elvis.

QUESTION: John, have you written a poem after you got back to the United States?

JOHN: No, I never write anything like that.

PAUL: Don't you?

JOHN: Oh no. I never do, you know.

PAUL: I wish you would.

QUESTION: Ringo, is there a story behind all the rings on your fingers?

RINGO: That's from me mother, that's from me grandfather. It's a wedding ring, but I'm not married. And these are from two different girls. I've had these on for three years now.

QUESTION: Can you tell us how much you make ...

JOHN: A lot.

QUESTION: Do you like Donald Duck?



RINGO: I can't understand him.

PAUL: I can't either.