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SYDNEY, JUNE 18, 1964

ANNOUNCER: Any minute now the Beatles wil appear. Wait a minute. Here comes the Beatles! You can't hear them, over the screech of the crowd. This is what they've been waiting for!

JOHN: Hey!!


JOHN: How are you?


GEORGE: There's a camera!


JOHN: We love you.


ANNOUNCER: Well, you've just seen the Beatles. The crowds are subdued now and safely on their way home.

QUESTION: It's very brave to bring us the original Ringo Starr.

PAUL: Very brave, so brave.

JOHN: (TO RINGO) I've seen your dad on TV, you know.

RINGO: Oh yeah? What was he doing?

QUESTION: Are you still ill?

RINGO: I'm better now.

QUESTION: I hear you had quite a reception when you came in to Melbourne.

JOHN: It's as wild as Adelaide. I think that makes them equal. That's about the wildest one we've ever seen.

PAUL: I think Austrailia's pretty wild all around.

QUESTION: Were you worried about what you saw?

PAUL: We get worried when it stops, you know.

QUESTION: John, didn't you bring some of your family over here with you?

JOHN: My auntie and she's in New Zealand. Yes, that's why she came. She's got relatives there that's related to her. She came back here to get fresh air.

QUESTION: There's so much noise at your shows, are you miming your songs?

JOHN: Wouldn't that be cheating?

QUESTION: Do you enjoy press conferences?

JOHN: Yes, depending on the intelligence of the questions.