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Nems Enterprises, Brian's business, had grown into a huge organization, handing big artists along with the Beatles. The staff had grown but the most important people were the old friends and contacts from Liverpool. Alistair Taylor, Brian's assistant at Nems and who had signed the first contract with the Beatles, rejoined in 1963. Geoffery Ellis and Peter Brown, his Liverpool friends, had joined Nems in London.

Geoffery Ellis, an insurance man in New York, had seen Brian in America, and that was when Brian convinced him to join Nems in London. He joined the business in 1964. Peter Brown didn't leave Nems until 1965. He had nothing to do with the Beatles, he only managed the store in Whitechapal, when Brian quit there. In June 1964, Harry Epstein, Brian's father, had sold most of the stores.

Peter stayed in the business for awhile thereafter, but he didn't get along with the new owners. Brian offered him a job at Nems in London instead. He became Brian's personal assistant.

In 1967, Brian moved into a house in Sussex that Peter found for him. He also took hired a private secretary, Joanne Newfield. She worked in the Brian's London house. Brian was thirty-two, rich, good looking, charming, and popular.

Brian's Parents

Mrs. Queenie Epstein, Brian's mother, arrived in London on August 14, 1967, to spend ten days with her son, Brian. She was very tense when she arrived because her husband Harry, had died the month before, which had a great affect on Brian as well. Brian did everything he could to make her happy. He wanted her to move to London from Liverpool. He even changed his daily routine to please his mother.

Brian's Death

Brian started becoming drowsy almost every day. One day, he didn't awake, and his friends, Antonio and Maria, got very worried. They never heard him moving around, so they called Peter Brown in Sussex to tell him their worries. He wasn't home, so they called Joanne. She then called Alistair Taylor and told him. They decided to meet at Brian's house. The doctor also arrived. The room was dark and Brian was lying on the bed, the doctor pushed Joanne out of the room. The doctor came out of the room and announced that Brian was dead. Peter and Geoffery contacted the Beatles in Bangor, and they came to London immediately. Some people think his death was suicide.