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Brian was always depressed in Liverpool. The causes of his mental state at the time of his death had been with him his whole life. But it was the year of 1967 that got to him. Every little thing made him angry. Brian was a perfectionist, if anything went wrong, it made him mad. By 1967, he had given up the daily responsibility of Nems, apart from the Beatles. This happened after the Beatles had stopped touring.

Brian never knew what he was looking for, he didn't really like being a businessman, he hated business meetings especially. He loved a lot of things though. He loved his house in Sussex and bullfighting. He took up gambling and drugs, like LSD, but he gave it up at the same time the Beatles did. He gambled a lot, and he was good at it because he knew when to stop.

Most of Brian's artists didn't last too long, like the Beatles had. Cilla Black was his most successful single star. After the Beatles finished touring, the contract with Brian still existed. The end of 1966 was when drugs and religion had come into their lives. Brian went a different way, he was of a different class, backround, and age. When they were done, the Beatles had each other and their wives, while Brian had no one.

Brian had become dependant on pills as his worries took over him. He'd hardly been at the office for so many months and slept during the day. He was mildly depressed early in 1967, but when he was with the band he was happy. Brian had been most attracted to John, from the early days at the Cavern. His relationship with Paul was complicated. In 1967, Paul had become interested in business. During the spring of 1967, Brian felt like he was going to die, he became convinced the plane was going to crash over the Atlantic Ocean.

Brian was against their Sergeant Pepper album cover, but the Beatles never knew that. A Westminister's coroner's court pronounced that Brian Epstein's death was an accident. He had died from the effect of bromide in a drug he had taken for a long time. The drug was Carbitral. His body showed there was no immense dose, but a series of large ones. The police found seventeen bottles of sleeping tablets, seven by his bedside, eight in the bathroom, and two in his briefcase.

He had died from an accidental overdose. The evidence showed he had been overdosing for three days.

The Memorial Service

The memorial service held for Brian Epstein was held at the New London Synagogue, Abbey Road, St. John's Wood on October 17, 1967. It was a few yards from EMI's studios, where all the Beatles' records were recorded before Brian's death. George, when he heard of Brian's death, couldn't believe he was gone. Brian's death was the end of another chapter of the Beatles.