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After the death of Brian Epstein, there was some reorganization of nems in London. His mother, Queenie Epstein, inherited the fortune, while his younger brother, Clive, took over. But Clive continued in the television business. He was much quieter than Brian, and led a less exhausting life. Robert Stigwood left the firm after Clive took over. The managing director was Vic Lewis. Geoffery Ellis, Brian's old friend, is still a director of Nems. Apple was created in 1968.


Peter Brown, Brian's other close friend, had taken over the personal business of the Beatles. The band was free to make decisions on their own, and Nems wasn't trying to take Brian's place. Tony Barrow was the Beatles' press officer, for some time after Brian died. He was head of his own organization - Tony Barrow International. He was also still writing as a Disker for the Liverpool Echo. He coordinated the Fan Club. The Datebook, the Fan Club magazine, has been going since 1963, the longest fan club magazine in Britain.

The Beatles most professional advisor and friend was George Martin. George left EMI in august 1965 after fifteen long years. During Beatlemania of 1963, George was the only person who didn't make money off the Beatles. That year, he had been responsible for their number one records. He was also responsible for hit records by Cilla Black, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Matt Monro, and others. After George left EMI, the company still produced the Beatles' records. In early 1967, AIR produced the Beatles' records. George Martin started having financial problems. He tried making his own music.

Dick James, the Beatles' music publisher, had just a music relationship with the Beatles. He sold their records, and collected their money. He branched out as well, producesd his own records, and leased them to companies to sell.

All the Beatles' personal friends, were all from Liverpool. Alex Mardas, the electronics expert, Robert Fraser, the art-gallery owner, and Victor Spinetti, the actor in the film Help!, were friends with them. Pete Shotton was John's best friend. He went to the police force after he finished school and lost contact with John. After three years, he gave up the police. In 1965, when Pete had no money and no job, he got in contact with John again. In 1967, John offered Pete a job at Apple.

Terry Donavan, another Liverpool friend, was also employed by Apple. He ran the music-publishing department. Alistair Taylor, who was at Nems in Liverpool and in London, was also working for Apple. The Beatles' two closest buddies were Neil and Mal. Neil was their road manager. When touring ended in 1966, Neil and Mal still accompanied them, making sure the equipment was working properly. When the Beatles weren't recording, Neil's and Mal's lives were irregular, with long periods of nothing to do. Since 1968, Neil was a director of Apple Corps. Mal was married with two children. He also had an executive position with Apple Records.