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The Beatles

It is kind of strange how Brian had never heard of the Beatles, since he had seen their name in several articles. When the customer asked him for one of their records, Brian decided to call some agents and ask about the band. He found out the Beatles were a British group from Liverpool, not from Germany. He asked people in the store about the Beatles. He then decided to go to the Cavern to find out some details about the band.

He saw the Beatles perform on November 9, 1961. He noticed the band smoked and ate while they played. Brian was fascinated by them. John, who was loud, fascinated him the most. The reason Brian had come to see the Beatles was to do some business. Since Brian was shy, he began to bring his assistants with him when he came to watch the band play. The Beatles were getting tired of Liverpool, and wanted something new. He began to talk with the Beatles often.

He looked into the band's manager, Alan Williams. On December 3, 1961, Brian invited them to talk to him in his office. The Beatles went to talk to him, bringing along Bob Wooller. John said Bob was his father. Paul was the only Beatle that didn't show for the meeting. He arrived late, and they began to discuss the future of the Beatles.

By the following Wednesday, Brian had a lawyer, Rex Makin. Brian was positive he wanted to manage the Beatles. The contract was signed the following Sunday at the Casbah Club, Pete Best's home and the Beatles' headquarters. Alistair Taylor was present when the Beatles signed, but Brian didn't sign. Brian told his parents he was going to manage them, after he played their record for them. His father was not pleased. Brian decided to start a new company to manage them.

He asked his brother to lend him some money for his new company, Nems Enterprises. Brian went with the Beatles on their third Hamburg trip.


Peter Eckhorn, from The Top Ten, had been looking for talent. Brian accepted an offer from a brand new club in Hamburg, the Star Club. He then organized all of the Beatles' gigs so they knew exactly when and where they were playing. He also straightenened up their onstage presentation. John didn't like the idea of straightening up, he felt it wasn't him at all. All of the Beatles' parents liked Brian when he began to manage them, although Mimi was a little hesitant.