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George Harrison

George has no Beatle gold disks or souvenirs in sight at his home in Esher. Him and his wife Patti live there. George and Patti are modern in their marriage. They share the same interests. Out of all the Beatles, George has changed the most. He was the youngest Beatle, always looked upon as a boy.

George always had his guitar but nothing else. He hardly smiled on stage because he was too busy concentrating. But George was the first one to come out of the Beatlemania. He doesn't need the other Beatles that much anymore. He moved on to Indian religion and Indian music. George was the most obsessed with money and by the business of being a millionaire.

When George gets hassled by fans asking for autographs, he is rude. Publicity makes him angry. His wife isn't used to the publicity. A couple of times, Patti had caused publicity. She once was attacked by fans in 1965. Cynthia, John's first wife, was also attacked.

Even before the Maharishi came along, George was discovering Buddhism and Yoda.

The other big part of George's life is music. His first song did not appear till the Beatles second record in November 1963. It was called "Don't Bother Me." His next songs were on Help! which appeared in August 1965, "I Need You" and "You Like Me Too Much." He did songs for Rubber Soul in December 1965, "Think For Yourself" and "If I Needed Someone."

For Revolver, which appeared in August 1966, he wrote the biggest number of songs on it - "Taxman" "I Want To Tell You" and Love You Too." His songs after this were mostly Indian. He has taught himself to write down his songs in Indian script so the Indian musicians can play them.

In January 1968, George agreed to write his first screen music, for the film Wonder Wall. He is amused at how much people take the Beatles music too seriously. George is still a Beatle. The other Beatles are his greatest friends. George doesn't worry about the future, he says his interests in the spiritual world will last forever.