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The Royal Variety Performance was on November 4, held at the Prince of Wales' Theatre. The audience wasn't as big as the Palladium, but the cost of tickets was higher. The Beatles came on after Sophie Tucker. The show aired on TV the following Sunday and twenty-six million people watched.

On November 1, the Beatles made their first tour, billed as the Beatles show. It toured until December 13th. The Daily Telegraph, on November 2nd, put out an article, criticizing the Beatles. The Daily Mirror, complimented the Beatles. This happened in the Church of England too.

In Plymouth, on November 14th, hoses were turned on the fans to control them. In Burmingham on November 11th, the Beatles managed to escape the crowds disguised as policemen. EMI sales were rising. At the end of November, they put out their fifth single, "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand" immediately went to number one. Their second LP, With The Beatles, was released. The photo showed their four heads, dressed in black with turtleneck sweaters. One side of their faces was shaded out.

More Beatlemania

Every feature writer wanted an interview with the Beatles, waiting for hours outside their dressing rooms. Donald Zec of the Daily Mirror was the first one to do a big interview with them, on September 10th. He called their haircuts a Stone-Age cut. By early December seven of their records, singles and EP's, were in the Top Twenty. On December 11th, the Beatles appeared on the TV show Juke Box Jury.

Walter Shenson and George Ornstein, wanted to put the Beatles in their own movie. Brian Epstein wanted them to do it. In October, Brian moved his office to London, along with Tony Barrow. The fan club was growing quickly.

At Christmastime the Beatles did a Christmas show, along with Brian's other clients. It opened in Bradford, then Liverpool, then to London at the Finsbury Park Empire. Brian was worried they would all get over exposed. At first it was great to see the Beatles in every newspaper, but after awhile it became irritable. Every paper every day had something in it about the Beatles, their life stories or expressing opinions about them. John didn't like the papers because they didn't accept them as anything more than the ordinary.

The Beatles used to joke at press conferences. The newspapers always got things wrong. In the first twelve months of their first release, the Beatles had become a part of the British way of life. The New Musical Express, in the end of the year charts, made the Beatles the world's top group. They got 14,666 votes. The two top selling singles of the year were "She Loves You" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand."