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QUESTION: How are you feeling tonight, fellas?

DEREK TAYLOR: We're all ill, the lot of us.

QUESTION: Do you think the pandemonium you cause is ridiculous?

PAUL: Nothing's ridiculous when people enjoy themselves. We're not idols, you know. That's what the press makes us out to be, but it's all rubbish. We're just chaps.

QUESTION: Was there any need from a safety point to have avoided the fans at the airport?

PAUL: We don't think so, no. The police told us we couldn't go past them. It's mean not to let them have a wave. It's a lousy deal ... a dirty trick.

QUESTION: But the police say it was your manager's decision to duck out.

PAUL: It's a lie. Our manager wasn't even on the plane.

GEORGE: It was a dirty lying policeman who said that.

CATHOLIC PRIEST: What deficiency in American youth are you supplying?

PAUL: There's nothing like that. They just like our records.

PRIEST: What is your appeal?

RINGO: Our appeal is we're normal lads.

PRIEST: What are you rebelling against?

PAUL: We're not rebelling against anything.

PRIEST: Don't you hate your parents?


PRIEST: Well, don't you think all teenagers rebel against their parents?

PAUL: Well, it's the thing to do at a certain age. Didn't you when you were young?

PRIEST: Do you hate the press?

PAUL: Not at all. They're chaps. They've got a job to do.

PRIEST: Do you enjoy puttingthe press on?

RINGO: We're not putting on the press. We're just being ourselves.

PRIEST: How do the Beatles keep their psychic balance?

GEORGE: There's four of us, so if one goes a little potty, it's all right.