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During the next few years, the Beatles made new songs, such as "Elenor Rigby" and "Yellow Submarine" and "Hello Goodbye." The first rock-and roll stage happened in the spring of 1964, after "Can't Buy Me Love." Then end of it was in August 1965 with "Yesterday." A year later, the Beatles made the last track on "Revolver" and continued Sargeant Pepper.

"All You Need Is Love" came out in mid-1967. Their music was split into their touring days and their post-touring days.

Paul and John spent six more years together, writing and recording music. In their pre-1963 years, they wrote hundreds of songs. Paul and John composed their songs together too. In the early days, their songs were easier. They were written, worked out, and perfected on tour. Their first LP "Please, Please Me" was recorded in one day, and Sargerant Pepper took four months.

"A Little Help From My Friends"

In mid-March 1967, they were just finishing Sargant Pepper. One day, John went to Paul's house and started playing the guitar, and Paul played the piano. They made a song called "A Little Help From My Friends." For a few hours, they sang, trying different tunes and words. Paul then went back to the guitar and started to sing a slow song, about a foolish man sitting on a hill. John listened to him play quietly, and when Paul was finished, he told him to write the words down. They then smoked a joint, almost time to go to the record studio.

"It's Getting Better"

One day, Paul was walking his dog, Martha in the park. As the dog was running around, Paul thought to himself, "It's getting better." John went to his house later on to write a new song, and Paul suggested they do a song called, "It's Getting Better." They played, sang, and made changes as they wrote it. The next night, Paul and John went to the recording studio. Paul played the song on the paino, and Ringo, George, and George Martin all liked it.

Ringo sat on the drums, playing what he thought was a good beat for the song. After about two hours, they had a backing. Neil and Mal got the instruments ready for them to record. They played the song about ten times. The next day, John, Paul, and George met at Paul's house. Ringo wasn't there. They practiced the singing part of "It's Getting Better." The next day was the recording session. They played the song for what aseemed the hundredth time, and Paul still wasn't satisfied with it.

In the studio, all that was heard was unelectrified voices of the Beatles singing. They did the song four times, when John said he wasn't feeling well. He needed some fresh air, so he went out the back door of the studio. George Martin came outside and suggested John go on the roof because the air was better. A man named Norman arrived at the studio, he was a recording engineer. He wanted to hear the Beatles play.

"The Magical Mystery Tour"

The tune and words of "It's Getting Better" had been worked out before they got into the recording studio, but when they went to EMI records and did the "Magical Mystery Tour" all they had were the words and a few bars of music. Paul played them on the piano, showing the others how it went. Paul told Mal to write down how they would do the opening. The instruments were then set up to record the opening. After some work, Paul was satisfied with the track, but he added a few things to it. When they finished, Paul decided to add some more bass to the song. He put on the headphones to hear what they had so far, and put on his bass guitar.

After that, he wanted to add more instruments to it. So John, Paul, George, Ringo, Neil, and Mal picked up anything they could find - maracas, bells, tambourines. Later that afternoon, they had a decent backing with some bass. The "Magical Mystery Tour" was then forgotten for six months.