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QUESTION: How was your trip?

JOHN: Like any plane trip, boring.

RINGO: We've been going seventeen hours now.

QUESTION: Did you see more of this town than you did last time?

RINGO: I only saw the airport.

QUESTION: Who is your tailor?

PAUL: A fellow called Dougie Millings of London.

QUESTION: Do you know his address?

PAUL: Great Portney Street in London.

JOHN: He keeps moving with all the profit he makes.

QUESTION: How frightened were you when you looked at the cage you were to be photographed in upon your arrival?

JOHN: It wasn't bad because somebody had been up there and tested it out.

RINGO: In fact, all the press went up and tested it.

QUESTION: Why did you leave so soon?

RINGO: It got cold.

JOHN: Some people said climb on the thing and wave and then they said get off. So we came down.

PAUL: We're very obedient.

QUESTION: Why did you start the tour in San Francisco?

RINGO: You'll have to ask someone else. We're never told.

JOHN: We don't plan the tours, they're planned for us, you see. We just say we don't want to go to say, Bobboobooland. We leave the rest of the world open and it's all planned for us.

QUESTION: How do you like not having any privacy?

PAUL: We do have some.

JOHN: We just had some yesterday, didn't we, Paul? Tell them.

PAUL: Yes, yes.

QUESTION: Ringo, you didn't look too happy when you got off the airplane. Was there any reason?

RINGO: If you'd been on it fifteen hours, how would you look?

JOHN: How would he look, Ringo?

RINGO: I don't know. Look at him now.

GEORGE: A bit of a fried face, if you ask me.

QUESTION: Where are your cameras? Do you still take pictures?

RINGO: Well, John hasn't sold his. I just forgot mine. They got me up too early.

QUESTION: Which one is married?

RINGO: John is married. We'll all get married in the end.

PAUL: We will, in the end?

JOHN: You mean, you're not funny like the rumor says?

RINGO: Two or three years, plenty of time.

PAUL: Lots of rumors in America.

QUESTION: Have you been writing now?

JOHN: Yes. I wrote all the way over on the plane.

QUESTION: Now that you've made a movie, do you dig the acting bit?

JOHN: We don't profess to be actors.

PAUL: It's Americans that "dig."

JOHN: Dig?

PAUL: Dig your baby, daddy!

JOHN: Oh, I get it.

PAUL: "With it."

QUESTION: In America, the current slang is: "tough," "boss," and "dig."

PAUL: They change all the time.

QUESTION: What are some of your hip words in England?

JOHN: They're ever changing, you know, madam. "Alec Douglas," that's a big one. "Wilson," everyone does it.

PAUL: "Harold Wilson."

GEORGE: Always.

PAUL: "Barry Goldwater."

JOHN: That's a new one over there. It means "drag."

QUESTION: What does it mean over there?

JOHN: It means "happy days are here again."

QUESTION: Ringo, how do you feel about the "Ringo for President" campaign?

RINGO: It's marvelous.

QUESTION: If you were president, what political promises would you make?

RINGO: I don't know. I'm sort of politically wierd.

JOHN: Are you?

RINGO: No, John, believe me.

PAUL: I think you should be president, Ringo.

QUESTION: How about you other guys, how do you feel about Ringo being nominated for president?

JOHN: We think he should win. Definately in favor.


QUESTION: Would you make them part of your cabinet?

RINGO: I'd have to, wouldn't I?

GEORGE: I could be the door.

RINGO: I'd have George as treasurer.

JOHN: I could be the cupboard.

RINGO: George looks after the money.

QUESTION: Are you going to Miami this year?

GEORGE: No. We're going to Florida to do a show in Jacksonville at the Gator Bowl.

QUESTION: What sports do you like?

JOHN: We don't like any sports except swimming. We all swim.

QUESTION: When are you going to work on your next book?

JOHN: All the time.

QUESTION: Do you keep little notes?

JOHN: Yes, here and there.

QUESTION: Ringo, can you show us your rings?

PAUL: Go, go.

JOHN: Show him.

RINGO: Anyone want to see these? And don't keep saying I change them.

QUESTION: What do you boys plan to do in San Francisco other than sleep?

RINGO: Just play the Cow Palace, that's about it.

QUESTION: You're not going to see the town?

RINGO: No, we're not going to see your beautiful city that we've heard so much about.

QUESTION: Why not?

GEORGE: It would take too much organization, wouldn't it?

RINGO: You won't see anything just speeding along in a car.

QUESTION: I started this whole campaign of you running for President ...

RINGO: It's very nice, but I don't think I'll win.

QUESTION: We think it would be a good relief to have you over here.

RINGO: Okay, you get me in and I'll come over here and we'll all sort it out.