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QUESTION: John, could you please tell me something about your new movie How I Won the War?

JOHN: I really don't know anything except that I'm in it and it's about the last world war.

QUESTION: Mr. McCartney, would you please confirm or deny reports of your marriage to Jane Asher in Seattle this evening?

PAUL: It's tonight, yeah.

QUESTION: What time and where?

PAUL: I can't tell you that, can I?

QUESTION: You are confirming the report then?

PAUL: No, im not really. It was a joke. Who started this, anyone know? I just got in and found out I was getting married this evening. No, she is not coming in tonight as far as I know. And if she is, we are going out anyway. So we'd miss her.

QUESTION: Do you believe you represent a different type of morality than, say, a group like the Rolling Stones or the other protest groups?

PAUL: No, we don't represent anything like that.

JOHN: Are the Stones a protest group? I thought it was the Circle.

QUESTION: I'd like to know if your motivation in this is money? I'd like to think you're having as much fun as you seem when you're doing it.

JOHN: Well, when I look as though I'm having fun, I am. When I'm not, I'm not, usually.

QUESTION: I have a prediction that in twenty-five years, you're going to be a great writer.

JOHN: I don't know where I'll be in twenty-five years.

QUESTION: What about the Beatles' next movie? There's been a lot of stories, but nothing's confirmed.

JOHN: Somebody gave us a good idea, so we told him to go and turn it into a script. But we won't be able to tell whether or not we're going to make the film until we've read it.

QUESTION: The audience your music attracts has changed from say, thirteen-year-old girls to more the college age. Do you like it better that way?

GEORGE: I think it's probably gotten a bit older, but I don't know how old.

QUESTION: Paul, since you've denied the marriage rumors, what are you going to do after the show?

PAUL: Marrying you, probably.

QUESTION: How is the attendance on this tour compared to past American tours?

PAUL: There's apparently been more people at the shows than in the past.

QUESTION: John and Paul, I'd like to know if all the songs written by Lennon/McCartney are composed by the two of you or do you ever write one by yourselves?

JOHN: We do them separately and together.

QUESTION: Your music used to be composed mostly of guitar backrounds, but recently you've come around to using strings, harpsichords, and a lot of wierd things like that. Is there any particular purpose in this evolution?

JOHN: No, just to use something besides guitar. It's not necessarily that we are coming around to them. It's finding them again.

QUESTION: George, where can people generally get a sitar?

GEORGE: In India.

QUESTION: Paul, you've said that sometimes you "have" to write. Could you explain what you mean by that?

PAUL: I just meant that when there's an LP due, we write songs. We do it like that more than write all the time. We write more to order. You know, if we've got fourteen tracks to fill, then we've got fourteen songs to write. That's what I meant.