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John and Stuart Sutcliffe, his friend at the Art College, had become close friends. Stu used to watch the band practice. He was still interested in art, even though he spent a lot of time with the band. Stuart even won money for his artwork.

John had the perfect idea for Stuart to spend the money he won. Since Stu always said he wished he could play an instrument, John thought this was his chance to join the band. He suggested Stu buy a bass guitar, whether he could play or not.

Paul and George liked this idea since it meant another member and a bass player for the band. They were ant-jazz, John didn't like jazz at all. At the time, Tommy Steele was the teenage heart-throb, but he had no impression on John, Paul, and George. Paul was always trying to get publicity. In 1959, they got another audition, so they changed their name again. That's when the idea of the Beatles came up.

The Silver Beatles

John and the others liked The Crickets, so John thought of the Beatles, but he decided to spell it BeAtles to give it a beat name. This name didn't last though. Casey Jones, who had his own band, said the Beatles was too short of a name, and suggested they be called, Long John and the Silver Beatles. John, Paul, George, and Stuart narrowed it down to the Silver Beatles, and the name lasted for the rest of the year of 1959.

The important auditioner was Larry Parnes, the king of rock and roll at the time. The audition was held at the Blue Angel in Liverpool and the Silver Beatles went to this audition. They arrived there, but their drummer didn't so Johnny Hutch did offered to play with them. John, Paul, George, and Stuart were accepted to go to Scotland for two weeks on a tour. Paul, who was still in school, convinced his father to let him go.


The Silver Beatles still needed a drummer for the tour in Scotland. They found one named Thomas Moore. John, Paul, George, and Stuart wanted to change their names. Paul became Paul Ramon, George became Carl Harrison, Stuart was just Stuart, and John became Johnny Silver.

John, Paul and Stuart all became jealous of George became he was getting close with the star of the tour, Johnny Gentle. The four of them were happy to see their group name on posters all over the place. John, Paul, and George used to pick on Stuart constantly because he took criticism seriously.

After Scotland

After Scotland, the Silver Beatles didn't work much, but they were getting better at playing. The four used to play in jazz-type clubs, which didn't really want rock-and-roll groups. John, Paul, George, and Stuart used to hang around each others' houses or when they had money, they'd play at a club. Scotland had been their first experience of show business.