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QUESTION: Do you have any formal musical training?

JOHN: You're joking.

QUESTION: What do you think of President Johnson?

PAUL: Does he buy our records?

QUESTION: What do you think of American girls and American audiences?

JOHN: Marvelous.

QUESTION: Here I am, surrounded by the Beatles, and I don't feel a thing. Fellas, how does it feel to be in the United States?

JOHN: It's great.

QUESTION: What do you like best about our country?

JOHN: You!

QUESTION: I'll take that under advisement. Do you have any plans to meet the Johnson girls?

JOHN: No. We heard they didn't like our concerts.

QUESTION: Are they coming to your performance tonight?

PAUL: If they do, we'd really like to meet them.

QUESTION: You and the snow came to Washington today. Which do you think will have the greater impact?

JOHN: The snow will probably last longer.

QUESTION: One final question. Have you ever heard of Walter Cronkite?

PAUL: Nope.

JOHN: NBC News. Is he? Yeah, we know him.

QUESTION: Thanks fellas. By the way it's CBS News.

GEORGE: I know, but I didn't want to say it as we're on ABC.

QUESTION: This is NBC, believe it or not.

JOHN: And you're Walter?


JOHN: What's going on around here?

QUESTION: What do you think of your reception in America so far?

JOHN: It's been great.

QUESTION: What struck you the most?

JOHN: You!

RINGO: We already did that joke when we first came in.

GEORGE: Well, we're doing it again, squire!

QUESTION: Why do you think you're so popular.

JOHN: It must be the weather.

QUESTION: Do you think it's your singing?

PAUL: I doubt it. We don't know it could be.

QUESTION: Where'd you get the idea for your haircuts?

JOHN: Where'd you get the idea for yours?

PAUL: We enjoyed wearing our hair this way, so it's developed this way.

QUESTION: well you save on haircutting at least.

PAUL: Roar...

JOHN: I think it costs more to keep it short than long, don't you?

PAUL: Yeah, we're saving our money.

QUESTION: Are you still number one in Europe?

GEORGE: We're number one in America.

QUESTION: Where else are you number one then?

JOHN: Hong Kong and Sweden...

PAUL: Austrailia, Denmark, and Finland.

QUESTION: And you havn't an idea why?

RINGO: We just lay down and do it.

JOHN: In Hong Kong and these other places, suddenly you're number one years after putting out your records. Even here, we've got records we've probably forgotten.

QUESTION: You call your records "funny records"?

JOHN: "Funny," yeah, the ones we've forgotten.

GEORGE: It's unusual because they've been out of England for over a year. Like "Please, Please Me" is a big hit over here now, but it's over a year old.

QUESTION: Do you think they're musical?

JOHN: Obviously they're musical because it's music, isn't it? We make music. Instruments play music. It's a record.

QUESTION: What do you call it, rock and roll?

PAUL: we try not to define our music because we get so many wrong classifications off it. We call it music even if you don't.

QUESTION: With a question mark?

GEORGE: Pardon?

JOHN: We leave it to the critics.

QUESTION: Okay, that's it. Have a good time in America.

JOHN: Thank you. Keep buying them records and look after yourself.